Pelago Film & Video

The first video from the guys of Rivers and Deserts, cycling around the world on Pelago Bicycles.


♥ ❤ ♥ ❤ ♥ Shot and edited by Oskari / Duotone.


Pelago Bristol is the archetype of a traditional bicycle for short to mid distance cycling. Shot and edited by Oskari / Duotone.

Kuninkaantie (Kungsvägen, King's Road) is an old post route from Norway's Bergen via Stockholm to Helsinki and continuing all the way to St Petersburg. Dating back to 1700's, it is nearly 2000 km in total length. We'll be discovering the route in bits and pieces and for the first episode we cycled with a small bunch of friends from Helsinki to St Piter. Here's a few sights from the trip. Enjoy! Shot and edited by Oskari / Duotone. See full credits in Vimeo.



Our bachelor assignment at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. A bicycle repair shop designed and crafted for Dapper, a bicycle shop in Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway.



Tallinn Bicycle Week and Tour d'ÖÖ group rides are activities brought to life by a circle of bicycle aficionados in order to bring different bike lovers together, grow 'the pack' of cyclists on the streets of Estonian cities and honor the bicycle as one of the greatest thought and action inspiring mechanisms ever invented. TBW is celebrating the cycling culture as a whole.

This is a recap of Tallinn Bicycle Week 2014 that went down on June 5-8 and featured a cycling-themed lecture evening, big Tour d'ÖÖ Tallinn group ride with over 3000 cyclists, Goldsprints club night and party, Velotiks Bike Day with all kinds of different activities/comps and a chilled-out Sundays bikenique near the sea to wrap the Festival up. Best of times!



This film is shot and produced by KASPERI, a small brand who makes high grade leather bags with stainless steel buckles. Designed and Handmade in Finland. Bikes featured in the film are Pelago Airisto & Capri.



Delivered is an outcome from a co-op with Helsinki's OG Grey Market Supply (RIP). Shot in 2010 by Riku Pihlanto.


In the end of February 2013, we took our bikes, rode them on a boat and headed from Helsinki to Berlin to set up our temporary shop in Brunnenstrasse 156 and to participate in the Berliner Fahrrad Schau. The boat took us to Rostock and we cycled from there via Sietow and Neuruppin to reach Berlin. Shot and edited by Oskari / Duotone.



A bicycle oriented short film for the Makia X Pelago collaboration. Directed by Kimmo Syväri / All About Everything, DOP & grade by Kim Koponen / Pablo Films, edited by Miika Vaso / Burnin' London, music by Midnight.

Beyond the messenger and fixed-gear scenes, contemporary bicycle culture is more fashionable, diverse, and alive than ever before. According to Dustin Nordhus of Berlin’s Cicli Berlinetta, “people who live in a big city are becoming aware that it’s nicer to have a beautiful bicycle than a car.” talks to Dustin as well as bike enthusiast Anna Valtonen from Pelago Bicycles, who are featured in Velo–2nd Gear. Along with presenting their stories and their outstanding and unconventional bicycles, the video shares different perspectives on why, according to Standert’s Max von Senger, the bicycle is evolving into “an object of desire for everyone.”

The trailer for 2014 Beaufort-magazine issue.