Downtown Hardware Store

Pelago Store - Professional cycling hardware store in the downtown of Helsinki

We are located in Kalevankatu, right in the heart of downtown of Helsinki. Inside the shop we have a full range of our bikes in various sizes ready to be tested. The shop also offers a fair selection of other Pelago's cycling products from accessories to clothing.


On top of our own products, we have a great selection of all sorts of other accessories, components, clothes and literature. From our selection you can find products from brands such as Brooks England, Bookman, Bern, Wald, Velo Orange, Mission Workshop, Kasperi, Carradice, Ortlieb, Giro and many others. Some of the products are available from our web store.

Note that the web store does not contain all of the products available from the store!

  • Open: tue - fri 11-18, sat 11-16
  • Phone: 045 657 2069
  • Email:
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A service for all bicycles


The service is located next to the store in the courtyard. Ran by professional mechanics, we provide services in all sorts of bike maintenance and installations, as well as take care of warranty issues. The service is open by the shop's opening hours.


Examples from the services:




The service can't be reserved, yet the bikes are being serviced in the order they are brought in. All questions and inquiries to


  • Phone: 045 804 9303
  • Email: