How to purchase a Pelago

Buying a Pelago bicycle is simple and easy. Our warmest recommendation is a dealer located near you. Our dealers will give you the best service, knowledge and tips and they are always able to take the best care of your bike. Pelago dealers will also either have your desired model for you to test drive, or they're able to order one from us.

If you don't have a Pelago dealer near you, please ask your local bicycle shops if they would like to become a dealer for us. For this decision we're sure that neither of you will be disappointed.

However, if it seems impossible to purchase a Pelago locally, you can always order one from our online store.

Ordering Online

Our online store delivers bicycles to EU countries for free and we're working on to be able to deliver our bikes worldwide.

The bicycle will be shipped to your door in 6-12 days, and after some minor assembly it's ready to ride. Generally most of the parts - gears, brakes, chain etc. are already adjusted - you only need to attach some parts, pump the tyres and go. Instructions and an owner's manual is provided with the bike, and you can always ask anything regarding bicycle assembly or accessories to the bike - we'll help you.


If you're wondering what size is suitable for you, please read our size guide for more information. And if you want to see how the bicycle arrives to you, you can take a look at the bicycle assembly instructions here.

Please see more details about shipping costs here.

Not happy? We accept returns

If you're not pleased with the products bought from our webstore, let us know. Let's figure out together if there's anything to be done, and we'll accept returns for 14 days from receiving your order. We also like any feedback you might have, good or bad - it helps us to develop our products even better.

Ask for more

When in doubt, see our contact details and call or send mail.