Commuter Front Rack

Pelago Commuter Front Rack, porteur

We’re happy to introduce you the lineup of our Pelago Front Commuter Racks. These porteur-style racks are made of steel and come in two sizes and two finishes, stainless steel silver or powder coated black. The racks have been carefully designed to fit every Pelago and almost any other other bicycle.

There are two key features that make them more versatile than other racks:
1. They can be mounted to almost every kind of dropouts.
2. They fold into a small package.

Pelago Commuter Front Rack

Each Commuter rack comes with three different brackets that install either to the top braze-on, the fender braze-on below the fork blade or to the wheel axle itself. To make things even better all of those brackets have three different height options for the best fit.

The rack platform mounts to a brake bolt, and even there you have a choice between two different sized mounting brackets.

With these versatile mounting options we’ve brought a proper way to install the racks to fit most bicycles.

Bicycle Front Rack Mounting

Another problem we’ve experienced with other porteur racks is that they need a huge box for shipping. Solution – take those stays off! Well, this is more of an advantage for us that makes our lives easier, but for you it cuts the shipping costs and takes less storage space. We still strongly recommend using it rather than storing.

Pelago Commuter Front Rack

Extra bonus for even more cargo space: the legs have horizontal rails and allow attaching side panniers as Ortlieb, Brooks or Carradice.

A light bracket is also included and can be installed to either side of the rack.

Bicycle Front Rack, fits most bikes, porteur style.

Pelago Commuter Front Racks are now available from our dealers and the webstore. The prices are € 89,00 for the medium and € 95,00 for the large rack.

Buy them from the links below and carry more stuff.