Bike In A Box


Bike in a box is a luxury gift card for a Pelago bike. With it you can gift your loved one with a promise of shared future adventures and quality Finnish design. It’s also a promise of a more sustainable future and lifestyle.


Choosing the right bike is often a very personal decision. Across the Pelago collection there is a wide range of colours, riding qualities and price points to choose from, which can make giving a bike as a gift challenging. With the Bike in a box we have minimized the risks and left the gift card value open so the gift receiver can choose the Pelago that fits him or her perfectly.


Bike in a box is a gift item with no actual credit. The product Includes a Pelago headbadge in a stylish presentation box. The bicycle can be purchased afterwards from any of our sales channels but the value of the gift box is not redeemable. These boxes are handmade by us and their availability is limited.