• Bristol


    • Reliable, carefree citybike for short to mid distance cycling

    • Timeless design

    • Mounting points for wide range of accessories: racks, baskets, chaincover, framelock etc. 

    • Original Brooks leather saddle

    Price From: €650.00
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  • San Sebastian

    San Sebastian

    • San Sebastian is designed for active cycling and inner city transport

    • Built on a compact versatile frame with 4130 double butted CrMo tubing

    • An agile and lightweight city bicycle

    • Classic appearance with moustache handlebar

    Price From: €1,150.00
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  • San Sebastian Street

    San Sebastian Street

    • Single speed with fixed/free rear hub

    • Stripped down complete with black components

    • Compact trackbike geometry reworked for street riding 

    • Available as frameset

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  • Hanko


    • Mid to long distance all-weather bike

    • Comfortable yet fast riding position

    • Solid CrMo tubing and TRP Spyre disc brakes

    • Unique robust paint finish

    Regular Price: €1,295.00

    Special Price €1,095.00

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  • Saimaa


    • For fast paced commuting and riding on all roads

    • Small sizes for petite riders

    • Tiagra groupset, compact gear range

    • Mounting points for racks

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  • Stavanger


    • Multipurpose bicycle for city transit and long distance cycling

    • For comfortable swift commuting & trekking in all roads

    • Disc brakes, fenders and tyre clearance for all-weather all-year riding

    • 20 speed Shimano 105 gears

    • Various racks and accessories available

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  • Sibbo


    • Compact lightweight road bike with TRP Spyre disc brakes

    • Designed for fast paced cycling for all road conditions

    • Stiff frame with Columbus Thron double butted CrMo tubing 

    • TRP Spyre disc brakes and Shimano 105 2x11 gearing

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  • Carhartt x Pelago

    Carhartt x Pelago

    • Formula single speed disc hubs
    • Strong hammerlack painting
    • TRP Spyre disc brakes
    • Custom butted 4130 chromoly frame set
    • Pelago Parisian handlebar
    • Tire clearance up to 700x42C
    • Fender, bottlecage & rack mounting points
    • Pelago Commuter front rack
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  • Brooks 150 anniversary Stavanger

    Brooks 150 anniversary Stavanger

    • Multipurpose bicycle for city transit and long-distance cycling
    • All weather, all road
    • Limited edition Brooks Swift with copper rails and rivets
    • Custom copper and black components
    • Limited edition of 15 units, handbuilt in Finland
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