Downtown Archetypes

The standard models, Brooklyn and Bristol are robust hi-tensile steel frame bicycles with hub gears and a comfortable upright riding position.

Brooklyn From 650,00 €

Comfortable riding position, durable steel frame yet lightweight in its category. Leather saddle, puncture protect- ed tires, rust protected chain. Low maintenance, easy and smooth rolling bicycle. Various colour and gear options.

Bristol From 650,00 €

The archetype of a city bicycle. Upright riding position. Rigid steel frame, yet lightweight complete. Strong double wall aluminium rims, zinc plated steel mudguards, puncture protected tyres, leather saddle. Timeless quality.

Lightweight Active

Capri and San Sebastian are lightweight and simple bicycles for the contemporary taste. A matured approach to street cycling makes them true modern classics. San Sebastian Street is a stripped down single speed version of its full-fendered brother.

Capri From 1150,00 €

Easy to handle, pretty and elegant mixte bicycle. Roadbike lightness in an urban format. Harmony of details. Perfect for daily commuting and weekend fun around the city.

San Sebastian Street 915,00 €

Based on a compact frame with double butted CrMo tubing. Stripped down superlight complete with track bike handling. Designed for active cycling and inner city transport. Low friction puncture protected tyres.

San Sebastian From 1150,00 €

Based on a compact frame with double butted CrMo tubing. Track bike geometry adjusted for the city streets. Complete with leather saddle and full length mudguards. Designed for active cycling and inner city transport.

Carhartt x Pelago 1179,00 €

Contemporary single speed porteur bicycle with disc brakes, quality components and special paint job. Designed together with Carhartt WIP for 'Freeway Your Mind' collaboration. The Carhartt bike is a limited edition.

Commuting & Trekking

Airisto and Hanko are designed for all-year cycling in all weather conditions. Versatility and comfort in one package. They serve you well in urban environment and in longer trekking. Consider them as a revised take on popular hybrid bicycles executed to the contemporary taste.

Airisto 1295,00 €

Mid to long distance all-terrain all-weather bicycle. For active cycling and trekking. Lighweight CrMo steel frame. Balanced riding position. Low friction puncture protected tyres. Disc brakes.

Hanko 1295,00 1095,00 €

Solid mid to long distance all-weather bike with lightweight CrMo steel frame. Ideal for the city streets and all-around trekking. Distinctive robust paint job. Low friction puncture protected tyres. Disc brakes.

All road

Saimaa, Stavanger and Sibbo models are the fastest models in the Pelago range. For fast-paced commuting or randonneuring, on paved roads and gravel. Off road or on cobbled streets, inner city or inter city - these are the bicycles built for purpose.

Brooks 150th
anniversary Stavanger
2495,00 €

A limited edition of the multipurpose Stavanger with custom copper details and black components. Perfect for fast-paced commuting, randonneuring and general all-road grinding. Designed and handbuilt in Helsinki, 15 pieces in total.

Stavanger 1795,00 €

Multipurpose bicycle for city transit and long distance cycling. A reliable companion for rough paths and winding inter city roads. TRP Spyre disc brakes, CrMo steel frame. Leather saddle, full aluminium mudguards.

Sibbo 1995,00 €

Race proven compact lightweight road bike with disc brakes. Designed for fast paced cycling and all road conditions. Columbus Thron CrMo tubing. Shimano 105 gears. Low friction puncture protected tyres.

Saimaa 1695,00 €

Fast paced commuting / all-road bicycle with economical yet reliable components. Equipped with disc brakes, lightweight CrMo steel frame and Tiagra groupset. Available in smaller sizes for petite riders.