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Pelago bicycles

Our portfolio covers the common cycling needs from daily commuting to recreational riding, for all the roads from A to Z.

The range consists of four series; Archetype, Street, Outback and Commuter. Archetypes are classic city bikes, Street models are no-frills urban rigs, Outbacks feature the widest gear range well suited for trekking and Commuter bikes combine the best parts and top the range with dynamo lights. 

Advanced all-weather all-year bikes with dynamo lights. Let them guide you through the morning traffic or the late ride home. All-inclusive quality builds for scheduled commuting and recreational riding.

Pelago Airisto Commuter

Airisto Commuter

2021 model available now!

A proper personal transportation vehicle, an alternative to a car or public transport. It is our ultimate all-round commuter with a step-through frame. The geometry creates a solid, confident ride in any circumstance, with an unhurried quality to it.

1595 EUR 

Pelago Hanko Commuter

Hanko Commuter

2021 model available now!

The ultimate all-round commuter. A relaxed riding position and Shimano Alfine 8 gears bring comfort to city riding. Automatic dynamo lights make the journey safe in any conditions.

1595 EUR 

Versatile bicycles with serious trekking and off-road capabilities will take you further where the pavement ends. Road proven, toured and tested, these bikes are set for a mission.

Pelago Airisto Outback

Airisto Outback

2021 model available now!

Versatile Airisto Outback featuring a wide 1x10 gearset is fit for trekking and allround urban riding. Active riding position, grippy tires and hydraulic disc brakes enable smooth handling, fast acceleration and secure stopping in all weather conditions and seasons. New attractive Juniper green color with polished finishing kit.

1295 EUR 

Pelago Hanko Outback

Hanko Outback

2021 model available now!

Hanko Outback is the trekking version of our all capable bicycle. Active riding position, grippy tyres, hydraulic disk brakes and easy to use 1x10 Shimano Deore gearing. The geometry and selection of components create a solid, confident ride in any condition or circumstance.

1295 EUR 

Pelago Stavanger Outback

Stavanger Outback

Limited 2021 batch available for preorder now!

A longer distance adventure bicycle, which has been optimised for gravel paths and trekking. The geometry is designed to provide a nimble steering, even when riding fast with all your camping gear on the bike.

1795 EUR 
Pelago Street Series

Contemporary urban bicycles with chromoly frame and no frills, ready for any challenge the streets are calling for. Pure functionality, modern feel, quality ride.

Pelago Hanko Street

Hanko Street


A single speed urban beater for those who want a minimal and rugged bicycle for their daily mission. Stripped down to the essentials, yet featuring efficient hydraulic disc brakes. A very straightforward, nimble and fun riding experience.

995 EUR
Pelago Archetype Series

Short distance transport for the city, gets you where you want with no fuss. Ride to work, explore neighbourhoods, park for a picnic. The classic standard of urban mobility.

Pelago Brooklyn


The minimalist design takes inspiration from the classic step-through city bicycle, which takes you from A to B with ease. The timeless aesthetics stay relevant for years to come, subtly fitting into the surrounding environment and the architecture of the cities and towns we live in.

From 795 EUR BUY NOW

Pelago Bristol


A no-nonsense city bicycle, which purpose is to take one from A to B with no hustle. The style draws inspiration from the classic bike aesthetics, which stay relevant today and for years to come, paying respect and blending into the timeless architecture.

From 795 EUR BUY NOW

Pelago Capri


A contemporary take on a step-through frame bicycle with a touch of an active feel. Well-thought geometry with nimble steering enable light handling for an easy and lively ride. The design of Capri has been honored with a number of awards.


How to order

The bikes we have in stock are ready for order and delivery. You can order them directly from the site or search for your nearest dealer. Should you have any questions, comments or feedback, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help you out.

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