Bicycle Quarterly


Bicycle Quarterly is not an ordinary bicycling magazine, but one that discusses bicycles and bicycling from a versatile and critical view. It doesn't introduce us the latest and lightest road or mountain bikes and pays little attention to the claim that only new is interesting. Moreover the magazine proves us that cycling can be enjoyed in many different ways with various equipment. Bicycle Quarterly focuses on steel frame bicycles and on randonneuring and touring, not to forget historical articles on technical issues of bicycles and cycling culture of yesterday and today.


You might not find an ad of the newest Cannondale road bike from the magazine, but you can enjoy an article of the bicycles of 1950's Parisian newspaper couriers, a test of tires' rolling abilities, the newest steel custom bicycles or an insight story of a long brevet.


The magazine is published four times a year and each issue contains about 60-70 pages. You can see full contents on the magazine's website.