Where can I buy a Pelago?

We have a network of dealers around Europe, a downtown store in Helsinki and an online store. Please see our dealer page for nearest Pelago dealer or order a bicycle online.





How do I order a bike from your webstore?

Ordering a bicycle or accessories is easy and simple. You need to create an account first. To order, simply go to a product page and add it to cart. On bicycles and some accessories you first need to define an attribute (size, colour etc.) before you can add the product to cart.

When you've ready to order, go to your shopping cart and follow the ordering process.


What are shipping costs?

Shipping costs are defined by weight of the products and destination country. You can see our shipping rates here. To view a shipping price for a specific product, add it to cart and go to your cart to see the shipping fee.

If you order a bicycle, all accessories ordered with the bicycle are shipped free.


How is the bike delivered and how long does it take to get it?

Delivery time depends on current order queue and the destination country. Generally we deliver the bicycles 2-3 days after ordering, and delivery time to most European countries is 7-10 weekdays. In domestic orders to Finland shipping time is 1-3 days for accessories and 2-5 days for bicycles.


Bicycles outside Finland are delivered in a box. Accessories and add-on's are delivered in the same box, but products that are too large such as porteur racks or large baskets are delivered in a separate box. To assemble a bicycle the customer needs to attach certain parts such as pedals, front wheel and fenders. We will provide instructions for assembly.


I'd like to add some accessories such as a frame lock or a chain cover to the bicycle.

If you are ordering a bicycle to a Finnish address, you can purchase add-ons to your bicycle and pay for the assembly fees in the webstore. Go to a bicycle page in Finnish language and click on the button on the right column that says "suositellut lisävarusteet". From the pop-up screen you can add the preferred accessories to your bicycle order.

If you're ordering a bicycle abroad Finland, we no longer install the add-ons to bicycles due to logistical difficulties. You can purchase the accessories from our accessories-page but you need to install them yourself. They will be delivered in the bicycle box or in a separate box to you, and we will of course provide you with instructions - just mail us.


Can I order it in my favourite colour?

Yes, but the custom color option is limited to our Sibbo model for the time being.


Can I order it with custom wheels / gearing / etc.?

We don't do customization for online orders. It's possible to have some minor changes, but they must be discussed before ordering.


I'd like to order a bike with a different colour saddle.

That's possible, we can change the saddle colour from honey to black and vice versa. You can also upgrade a saddle to a different model. Contact us before ordering at webshop@pelagobicycles.com.


A bike or another product I wanted to order is out of stock.

We try to restock sold out products as soon as possible. If you need to know when a certain sold out product is available again, mail us at webshop@pelagobicycles.com.


Please note that Discontinued bicycle models that are out of stock will not be restocked.





The bike doesn't fit me / isn't what I expected.

For online orders you can return the product in 14 days time after receiving your order. The product must be in its original condition for full refund. Please note that if you're ordering from outside of Finland you must pay the return postage yourself. In domestic orders we will pay for the return postage.


Before returning a product, contact us at webshop@pelagobicycles.com for instructions.


I received a wrong item / wrong size / wrong colour.

Contact us at webshop@pelagobicycles.com. You can return the wrong item and we'll send you the correct one.


The bike is damaged in the shipping, what do I do?

Unfortunately, sometimes the boxes get a rough treatment in the mail and your bicycle might get damaged. If such case occurs, please contact us with pictures at webshop@pelagobicycles.com and we'll sort it out.